Innovium Enhances TERALYNX Switch Architecture to enable Industry-first Scalability and Feature Consistency across 1Tbps to 51.2Tbps+ Solutions in a Single Chip

Ultra area-efficient, modular architecture with ground-up data-center optimizations enables
performance and capabilities one process node earlier delivering superior time to market and lower cost

San Jose, CA – Sep 24, 2019 – Innovium, Inc. a leading provider of networking solutions for cloud, enterprise and edge data centers, today announced an enhanced TERALYNX architecture for all its data-center switch silicon products. With over 70 patents filed, the TERALYNX technology is designed from the ground-up to be ultra-area-efficient for data-center applications. It is the industry’s first architecture to enable top-to-bottom, 1T to 51.2T+ performance scalability along with programmability, telemetry, low latency and large on-chip buffers. The TERALYNX product portfolio enables OEM and Cloud customers to leverage their R&D investment across an unmatched range of price/performance points and avoid the cost and complexity with disparate architectures and multi-die switch solutions.
Alternative switch silicon architectures have traded off on features or performance in any particular process node, or alternatively used complex large multi-die designs with high R&D and product costs. While the slowing down of Moore’s law has made multi-die solutions more prevalent, this has come at the cost of higher power and costs associated with multiple large-die tape-outs in leading edge process nodes.
Innovium’s TERALYNX technology brings several fundamental architectural innovations to the data-center industry, which apply across multiple generations. The breakthrough patented innovations span a variety of areas including data-structures, algorithms, ground-up architecture and R&D flow and deliver up to 2x capabilities and performance in the same silicon area vs alternatives. This technology has been silicon proven as part of the production-ready TERALYNX 7, which delivered the best feature-set 12.8T switch silicon, with lowest-latency in 16nm and smallest silicon area. The enhanced architecture further optimizes silicon area and data-center features to expand the performance range and address Edge, Enterprise and 5G data-centers. This allows Innovium to deliver capabilities one process node earlier than alternatives along with unique top-to-bottom scalability, which translates to faster time to market and lower R&D investment for customers.

Innovium’s Enhanced TERALYNX architecture consists of:

o Programmable feature-rich INNOFLEX™ Forwarding Pipeline: A programmable forwarding pipeline architecture that delivers comprehensive data center feature set, including rich tunneling support, with deterministic low latency, and ability to support new protocols through standards-based programming.

o Highly Scalable TERASCALE™ Fabric: A scalable and low-latency switch & buffer fabric architecture that delivers comprehensive QoS, superior lossless traffic management, large smart packet buffers and scales from 1 to 51.2Tbps+ performance. TERASCALE deliver up to 2x performance and buffering in the same silicon area vs alternatives.

o Advanced FLASHLIGHT™ Telemetry & Analytics: A ground-up comprehensive telemetry architecture that delivers unmatched real-time visibility and actionable granular network analytics to troubleshoot and resolve network congestion problems helping customers move towards higher-quality, autonomous networks.

o An optimized R&D flow that delivers lower silicon area along with lower latency vs other architectures.

“Innovium’s TERALYNX 7 12.8Tbps low-latency programmable switch silicon is being used by leading OEMs & Cloud customers that are increasingly interested in advanced analytics and additional programmability beyond basic connectivity. Innovium’s enhanced TERALYNX v2 architecture offers customers a single consistent modular architecture scaling from enterprise 25 Gbps connectivity to 51.2T+ performance that Cloud customers need to scale their networks for next-generation AI and machine learning workloads,” said Alan Weckel, Founder and Technology Analyst at 650 Group.

About Innovium
Innovium is a leading provider of high performance, innovative switching silicon solutions for cloud, enterprise and edge data centers. Today, Innovium TERALYNX family delivers software compatible products ranging from 1Tbps to 12.8Tbps with unmatched telemetry, low latency, programmability, and large buffers, with a feature rich architecture that scales to 51.2Tbps+. Innovium’s products have been selected and validated by market-leading switch OEM, ODM and cloud providers. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California and is backed by leading venture capital firms including Greylock Partners, Walden Riverwood, Capricorn Investment Group, Qualcomm Ventures, S-Cubed Capital and Redline Capital. For more information, please visit:

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