2018 will be the year for 12.8T switch adoption and acceleration of PAM-4 & 200G/400G Optics Ecosystem

Earlier in 2017, we announced TERALYNX™, which offers 12.8Tbps throughput, while delivering breakthrough telemetry, line-rate programmability, largest on-chip buffers and best-in-class low-latency, including robust cut-through. TERALYNX™ includes most up to date support for 10/25GbE to 400GbE Ethernet and becomes one of the world’s first product to deliver 128 ports of 100GbE, 64 ports of 200GbE or 32 ports of 400GbE in a single device.

We believe recent news on an alternate 12.8Tbps Ethernet switch silicon solution is very positive for customers and the industry. It provides strong validation of Innovium’s assessment of the data center market. With an additional 12.8Tbps PAM4 based switch silicon supplier in the market, customers and partners can benefit from a healthy multi-vendor ecosystem. It will further accelerate availability and adoption of 200/400G optics solutions embodied in form factors such as QSFP-DD, OSFP and QSFP-56. We expect expedited deployments of 12.8Tbps PAM4 based switches and 200/400G optics starting in 2018.

At Innovium, we are seeing strong demand for TERALYNX™ with active engagements with leading customers across all categories: Cloud, OEMs & ODMs. The TERALYNX™ product family delivers a highly differentiated set of capabilities at 12.8T/6.4T/3.2T configurations. Our patented ground-up design in TERALYNX™ provides customers clear advantages in programmability, low latency, power efficiency, and advanced analytics/telemetry. Additionally, we have achieved these capabilities in a relatively compact die area, which will assist with faster volume ramp. Customers have told us these capabilities are essential to gain investment protection, performance/scale, and operational efficiencies to enable autonomous, large scale data centers, thereby accelerating their business and innovation.

We are delighted to be working with significant number of customers and partners for systems based on TERALYNX™ that are in late stages of design or manufacturing. These data center switch systems span 128x QSFP to 32x QSFP-DD, as well as other configurations. We expect availability of initial systems in early part of 2018 and expect our customer and partners to disclose further details at that time.

We look forward to working with customers, system vendors and optics ecosystem partners to drive successful adoption of solutions based on TERALYNX™.