Innovium’s Momentum: Reflecting on 2019 and Looking Forward to 2020

As we approach the end of the year, we are thrilled to have achieved tremendous milestones in 2019 for our company as well as for the data-center industry. We could not have done this without our customers, employees, partners, investors and industry peers. Thanks to all of you for your support!

The world is experiencing an exponential growth of data along with a long term, secular shift of IT Infrastructure to Cloud and Edge data-centers. With increasing adoption of AI, 5G, WiFi 6 and video, the trend toward data-centers will only accelerate in the coming years.

Innovium was founded with a singular focus on data-center networks. We designed a highly innovative architecture from the ground-up with over 75 patents that enable ultra-efficient silicon designs. Using this, we delivered TERALYNX 7, the world’s only programmable 12.8Tbps switch silicon shipping in volume production. Further, we expanded the product portfolio and are executing on a scalable, consistent switch family from 1Tbps to 51.2Tbps performance, with the lowest latency, unmatched telemetry and programmability.

Some of Innovium’s milestones during this year that we are very proud of include:

  • TERALYNX in Volume Production with Customers at FCS: Innovium completed comprehensive switch silicon qualification to take TERALYNX 7 into volume production. We also supported our system partners to achieve FCS and enabled data-center customers to start deployments. We showcased several customer switch systems at multiple industry events, including Computex, Cisco Live and Supercomputing.
  • Proven and Hardened Ecosystem inter-operability:: Innovium partnered with a broad range of ecosystem partners on 25G to 400G connectivity and SerDes interoperability, including with a broad range of DAC and Optics products at OFC and other events. Further, we hardened the solutions as part of data-center deployments. These validated, high-confidence solutions enable superior network quality with significantly faster time to market.
  • Comprehensive Software and Telemetry Innovations: We showcased our modern SDK software and latest version of SONiC/SAI software at OCP Summit and Computex. We delivered all the data center features necessary for OEM & Cloud NOS, along with several telemetry innovations. Our customers have several NOS options and are now able to obtain unprecedented insights & visibility into their networks and applications.
  • Successful Customer Adoption: Market leading TERALYNX-based production switches helped us engage with multiple data-center customers in 2019. These successful POCs and qualification testing resulted in several Cloud customers moving forward with Innovium deployments for production networks.
  • TERALYNX 5 for ToR & Edge: Leveraging the highly successful TERALYNX 7 product, Innovium introduced TERALYNX 5, an optimized switch silicon for ToR, Enterprise and Edge applications, allowing a single consistent architecture to power data center switching from top to bottom with unmatched performance and value. TERALYNX 5 enables current and new system partners to deliver differentiated solutions for Enterprise, 5G and IoT applications.

Again, we are truly grateful to everyone who has contributed to and supported this incredible journey so far and our strong momentum promises an exciting and impactful year ahead.

Wishing Happy Holidays and all the best for the New Year 2020!