TERACertified Solutions

The need for IT products and solutions that are open, disaggregated and standards-based is more than ever. Some of reasons behind this trend are:

  • Choice: Open, disaggregated and standards-based solutions give customers choice to pick the best product, with no vendor lock-in
  • Faster Innovation: Vendors compete with each other at every layer of the disaggregated stack and innovate faster
  • Best TCO: Open, disaggregated and standards-based solutions often deliver the best TCO

Networking solutions are increasingly moving from integrated switches to open, disaggregated standards-based networking. Customers can now pick the best-in-class switch silicon, switch system hardware and optics modules independently.

Hyperscalers have been taking advantage of dis-aggregated switch designs for many years, to enable best-in-class solutions and lower networking Total Cost of Ownership in their data centers. They typically have large inhouse staff to support the integration efforts in switch design, network operating system integration and optics qualification. In other words, to leverage the advantages of disaggregation — it can be a heavy lift for many data center operators. Industry efforts at disaggregation in the past have failed to enable best-in-class switch solutions. A comprehensive disaggregated solution requires four essential elements: robust solutions, open hardware and software, single point of support and disruptive TCO.

What are TERACertified™ Solutions ?

Innovium is introducing TERACertified™ Solutions to address the industry shortcomings in rapid adoption of disaggregated solutions. The TERACertified Switch solutions are highly robust switch systems designed in partnership with key ODM partners and delivered with Innovium’s rigorous certification process. They use Innovium’s TERALYNX switch silicon and open-source SONiC network OS that has been deployed by hyperscalers and leading enterprises. They are ready-to-deploy, built from silicon up, pre-validated with optics, cables and hardened SONiC. The TERACertified switch solutions offer a comprehensive portfolio of 100G, 200G, 400G & 800G Ethernet switches with 10/25GbE to 400GbE connectivity, ideal for all tiers of the data center network. They deliver unmatched performance, lowest latency, ultra-low power and the industry’s most advanced FLASHLIGHT analytics.

What makes TERACERTIFIED Unique?

  • Meets strict certification criteria and design best practices Innovium has leveraged the experience of closely working with hyperscalers in designing the criteria for certification. Working with customers has enabled Innovium to get a deeper understanding of robust Data Center switch designs needed in supporting the technical and business requirements of our customers.
  • Extensive design audits & reviews, including testingInnovium has spent many cycles in iterating through switch designs, reviewing them with partners and targeting the testing to include table stakes features of Data Center networks
  • Stringent temp, voltage and manufacturing requirementsCare was taken to account for physical and environment attributes in designing the certification criteria – Modern data centers are in constant drive towards carbon neutral designs and including attributes such as temperature, and voltage is essential to achieving a robust certification.
  • Tested and Validated for Software & HardwareData Center networks typically run a range of software features for fabric creation, service automation, security, etc. It is critical that any certified network solution is tested for compliance to these features with the required scale at which the networks operate. Software features also need to be tested in conjunction with hardware due to inherent dependencies between hardware and software.
  • Solution level testing with optics/cables and SONiC softwareComprehensive certification needs to include optics and cables along with operating system. Even though commonly available optics are mostly compliant to standards, the performance at different temperatures and DC environments can vary.
  • Comprehensive performance and scale tests with trafficWorking with customers has given Innovium a great understanding of the performance and scale required of Data Center networks. The certification criteria incorporate these parameters into the test plan.

What are the customer benefits of TERACertified Solutions?

  • DC optimized hardware and open NOS without compromiseTERACertified Solutions are powered by TERALYNX Silicon enabling High Bandwidth/Radix, Deep Application Analytics, Programmability and Low Latency which are essential requirements of modern data centers running Artificial Intelligence and/or Machine Learning Applications.
  • Deploy disaggregated Solution without a large inhouse staff TERACertified Solutions having undergone rigorous testing based on strict criteria will need little to no customization or additional testing in customer labs. This will save the operational costs of personnel and time needed in deploying a new solution.
  • Lower risk of deploymentTERACertified solutions are pretested and verified for the use cases commonly seen in today’s data center networks. This eliminates to a great extent the risk in deploying a solution.
  • Lower Power Profile for overall DC efficiency and better TCO Power Efficiency is essential to meet the carbon Neutral/Negative goals of modern data center. TERACertified Solutions are industry leading in lowering the power profile, leading to lower operational costs and better Total cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Single Point of Contact for service and supportThe most common customer concern in deploying a new solution is “who will resolve any issues that come up?”. TERACertified solutions will have a single global point of contact for support who will resolve the issue from start to finish.