TERALYNX FLASHLIGHT™ Delivers the Most Advanced Telemetry

Terabit capacity switches are now widely available from multiple vendors. While operators are quickly deploying these to meet their growing bandwidth demands, new problems have emerged. Traditional methods of network monitoring that operators have become accustomed to do not cost-effectively scale and lack deep visibility capability needed to monitor multi-terabit scale networks. Innovium has developed its powerful new FLASHLIGHT™ Telemetry technology to specifically address these growing pain points.

  • Barrage of raw telemetry data pushed with no clear actionable insights
  • Root causing crippling sub-microsecond transient network events
  • Microburst visibility correlated to suspect application flows
  • Cost effectiveness of monitoring at line rate of terabit scale networks

Innovium’s FLASHLIGHT Telemetry offers customers a just in time solution to address emerging pain points in monitoring terabit scale networks. FLASHLIGHT Telemetry unleashes a comprehensive, market-leading visibility and analytics solution that helps data centers keep up with the massive traffic growth and demand for SLAs.
Hardware driven telemetry engines enable high-frequency sampling and powerful data reduction with built-in pre-processing, all at line rate and up to 12.8Tbps.

Here are some examples of Innovium’s Actionable Microburst Flow Telemetry Solution:

  • Real-time Packet Delay Visibility
    • useful for optimizing traffic to granular class of service queues
  • Build-up in queues resulting in excessive flow latency, jitter and loss
    • optimize switch’s alpha settings for optimal buffer sharing
  • Real-time Packet Drops Visibility
    • useful for optimizing TCP settings to maximize throughput
  • Many to one traffic scenarios resulting in packet drops
    • increase min buffer guarantees on congested ports
  • Sub-microsecond Burst Capture
    • useful for optimizing buffer carving to ensure lowest latency for mice flows
  • Capture microburst events resulting in high delays or packet drops
    • optimize QoS policies to segregate elephant flows

Our rapidly growing number of customers and partners have provided very positive feedback on FLASHLIGHT capabilities and are working closely with us to introduce systems and complementary data center solutions based upon TERALYNX.

Here is a summary of Innovium’s FLASHLIGHT advantages

  • TERALYNX provides high frequency sampling that incumbent solutions simply cannot match, enabling capturing of all critical network events, at full line rate.
  • Provides deep forensics that can help pinpoint and correlate network events to applications that are being affected.
  • TERALYNX enables intelligent filters to send only actionable information instead of bombarding collectors with mountains of non-actionable data.
  • Innovium provides full software support to enable rapid deployment of telemetry features

If you are building systems for large data centers, or operate large data centers, we’d love to show how FLASHLIGHT in TERALYNX can help you boost the efficiency of your network. Please contact us at [email protected]