TERALYNX Running at line-rate 12.8Tbps

We recently announced customer sampling of our TERALYNX™ 12.8 Tbps & 6.4 Tbps data center optimized switches. TERALYNX features a grounds-up, innovative architecture that enables industry’s highest performance along with large buffers, programmability, tunneling, telemetry and low-latency in the most compact silicon area. We have designed TERALYNX using proven volume qualified process technology and package for data center deployments starting later in 2018.


Today, we are excited to showcase line-rate 12.8Tbps performance. TERALYNX achieves this comfortably with real-world data-center packet size traffic, including traffic with majority of 64B packets. The demo was conducted using our evaluation switch system where we ran 128 ports of 100Gbps snake test using 50G PAM4 external loopback modules across 256 lanes of Serdes. We have robust feature-rich SDK running on actual silicon. We are running a variety of line-rate tests overnight with 10s of trillions of packet switching operations without any drops or errors. We have also successfully tested 400G and 6.4 Tbps (NRZ) configurations. More to come.

Please contact us at [email protected] for further information.