Modern, Fast, Highly Available, Open and Standards based Software

Network OS

  • Cloud, OEM, Open-source Network Operating Systems
  • SONiC, Linux Foundation DENT

Open Source and Standard APIs



  • Modern, Efficient & High Performance
  • Highly Resilient: Warm and Fast boot
  • Highly optimized DMA engine
  • Multi-threaded fast access to APIs
  • APIs for FLASHLIGHT analytics & automation

SONiC: Software for Open Networking in the Cloud

Customers such as Microsoft Azure, LinkedIN, Alibaba and others are deploying open-source SONiC network operating system to embrace disaggregation and benefit from silicon and switch diversity. Further, SONiC continues to see strong momentum across multiple customer segments, including enterprises.

Innovium recognizes the benefits of SONiC for customers and has invested 3+ years into SONiC R&D effort. It has done extensive testing & validation of SONiC and is part of open source Github. It has also contributed to hardening SONiC and introduced new capabilities including dynamic 400G port configuration. It is engaged with multiple customers and has successful production deployments with SONiC.