The TERACertified™ Switch solutions are highly robust switch systems designed in partnership with key ODM partners, delivered with Innovium’s rigorous certification process. They use Innovium’s TERALYNX switch silicon and open-source SONiC network OS that has been deployed by hyperscalers and leading enterprises. They are ready-to-deploy and built from silicon up, pre-validated with optics, cables and hardened SONiC. The TERACertified™ solutions offer a comprehensive portfolio of 100G, 200G and 400G Ethernet switches with 10/25G to 400G connectivity, ideal for all tiers of the data center network. They deliver unmatched performance, lowest latency, ultra-low power and most advanced FLASHLIGHT analytics.

TERACertified Switches

1RU fixed switch with 32-ports of QSFP28 (100G)

  • It is the most cost-effective ToR switch in 1RU, based on 3.2T TERALYNX 5 switch asic
  • It is targeted at use cases for ToR and edge applications

1RU fixed switch with 32-ports of QSFP56 (100/200G)

  • It is the best price/performance ToR switch in 1RU, based on 6.4T TERALYNX 5 switch asic
  • It is targeted at use cases for ToR and edge applications
  • It future proofs customers as they transition from 25G NRZ to 50G PAM4 connectivity to servers & storage

1RU fixed switch with 32-ports of QSFP-DD (400G)

  • It is the highest radix & performance switch in 1RU, based on 12.8T TERALYNX 7 switch asic
  • It is targeted at use cases for leaf, spine, core and DCI in the data center
  • It delivers the most power efficient 12.8T switch with best TCO

Customers and Analysts

  • “We now have TERALYNX based switches deployed in production across multiple data centers running SONiC network operating system. They have been extremely reliable and deliver us high performance, low latency, simplified management and rich telemetry. We are excited to hear about Innovium’s TERACertified™ solutions from its system partners that aim to accelerate adoption of an open disaggregated model using SONiC.”
  • “Innovium has established itself as a credible player among hyperscalers and has enabled them with disaggregation. It is a smart strategy for them to extend disaggregation benefits to the broader market with the introduction of TERACertified™ solutions that deliver highly robust and pre-validated solutions built using TERALYX switch silicon and SONiC.”
  • “While open-source SONIC has been available in the market for few years, the lack of support was one of the major barrier of its adoption by the broader market. Innovium is leveraging its investment in SONIC as well as its experience with the hyperscalers to deliver TERACertified™ switches to address the need of the broader set of customers.”